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I’d Suck It

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Bit of rain in the forecast this week so today I’m going to make the most of the sunshine and get to the beach.  Fingers crossed I run in to a guy like the blond pictured below….

I’m not really in to tattoos, but I think if I see a guy like this on the beach I will make an exception.

Suckable Guy in Green Speedos

That exception will involve me making him look like this……

I'd Suck This Guys Cock

June 24th, 2024

Ever convinced a friend to speedo?

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Have you ever convinced someone to wear a speedo?

Saturday afternoon here and I’ve got some friends skiing in Vail dropping by and one of the guys asked if he could borrow some swimming attire for a hottub.  Then he messaged, not a speedo thanks.  Hahahaha.  That was exactly what I had in mind too.

Over the years I’ve been able to late night hottub and enforce a ‘speedo only’ policy which has been fun and after a few minutes everyone was just as comfortable as if they were wearing whatever they would normally wear.

Kip’s sister had a boyfriend a little while back and he very very reluctantly speedo’d it up because we had a ‘speedo party’.  Kip’s sister was the one doing the convincing though.

Would love to hear if you guys have any stories of getting guys to speedo it up.

Speedo Man

November 23rd, 2013

Working before the pow pow

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Kip and I are working hard, and when Kip gets hard, I work hard on his hardness.

Bit overcast today so we decided to skip snowboarding and just put in a big day – there is snow on the forecast but they keep downgrading their predicted snow totals so by tomorrow there might not be any snow in the forecast.  I do have a hatred for weather forecasters – imagine having a job where you could get it wrong half the time and still get paid.

Anyway, I better get back to it.

I can’t just leave you guys with a boring blog post like that so here is a real man wearing speedos – yummy!!!

Speedo Man

January 10th, 2013

Not quite speedo weather

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2 days ago I was sitting by a pool in Brisbane wearing my navy AussieBum’s and now I’m sitting inside with a hoody on.

Brisbane, Australia was 30C (86F) and now Queenstown, New Zealand is 8C (46F).

I fly out of here on Saturday, I’m busy today but tomorrow I’m going to catch up with some old friends and maybe, just maybe, catch up with an old fuck buddy of mine who is still in town….  fingers crossed guys.

Getting back to the beach is something that I am looking forward to though….  this guy looks nice and warm in his red speedos.

April 7th, 2010

Speedo Man

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OMG this ‘speedo man’ is hot.

Everyone who agrees raise your cocks!!!

You can see the entire gallery of this guy at my site

August 24th, 2009
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