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I’d Suck It

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Bit of rain in the forecast this week so today I’m going to make the most of the sunshine and get to the beach.  Fingers crossed I run in to a guy like the blond pictured below….

I’m not really in to tattoos, but I think if I see a guy like this on the beach I will make an exception.

Suckable Guy in Green Speedos

That exception will involve me making him look like this……

I'd Suck This Guys Cock

June 24th, 2024

I am in love

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I know it is Thong Thursday and last week I posted pics of a guy wearing a pink thong which looked really hot but I can’t say I think I could pull it off – I mean of course I’d like to pull it off, preferably with my teeth…..

On my blog I promised those guys that this week I would post pics of chicks in pink thongs – click here to check them out – and during my search for chicks wearing pink thongs, I stumbled across this blonde chick wearing Wicked Weasel gear looking just gorgeous.

I can’t remember being this turned on by the photo of a chick in ages…..  would I give up cock for her?  Maybe……..  would you?

I’ll get back to the speedos tomorrow guys.

Blonde Wicked Weasel Chick

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July 19th, 2018

Kip is Blond

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Did you guys know that blonde is female and blond is male?  I only just found that out.

Anyone, someone who reads my blog hung out at Kip’s place over the weekend.  He asked me not to write about it and since I value my discretion I will not discuss what we got up to.  But, this guy was surprised when he met Kip, firstly that Kip is so handsome for a computer geek AND that Kip is blond.  I didn’t think I had lead anyone astray but yes Kip is hot and blond.

I honestly don’t have any bias when it comes to hair colour, as long as pubic hair is maintained appropriately – hehehe.  But, when it comes to chicks, I have only ever been with blondes.  Again, not any personal bias, just the way things have worked out….

It isn’t that I prefer blondes, it is that blondes prefer me?

Blond GuyBlond Speedo GuyBlonde Guy in SpeedosCute Blonde in Speedos

March 1st, 2016

Beautiful Blond Guy

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Last night I had nothing on at all – I dunno what happened, some friends were out of town.

I’ve been working a LOT since I got back from Australia and I worked pretty much all day yesterday (Saturday).  All of a sudden I looked at the clock and it was 5pm and I had pretty much got out of bed, sat at my desk and only gotten up for bathroom breaks and coffee top ups – I didn’t even have breakfast or lunch.

When I realised how late it was I poured a drink and let a movie I was redering tick over – the movie will be live early next week and I’ll upload a sample for you guys.

After a few drinks – which went to my head a little quicker than usual because I hadn’t eaten all day I thought that I should get out.

I’m a single guy, living in the the big smoke.

I showered, got dressed and walked out the door about 10pm.

Long story short I went to a couple of bars, spoke to a few people but nothing special.  At the last bar though I saw this gay couple and one of the guys was blond and absolutely gorgeous.  I can’t put my finger on anything specific, he had a hot body but there are lots of hot bodies out there.  I don’t know what it was but I would have dropped to my knees in a heart beat.

The only other time I’ve felt that deep of an attraction was to a girl at my first party after high school – nothing came of that either.

Here are some blond cuties for you guys to feast your eyes on – I definitely have some mental pictures that will help me get off for the next week or so.

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August 26th, 2012

Blond and Blonde

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I was writing something this morning and I wasn’t sure if blond had an e at the end or not. Turns out there is a masculine and a feminine – goes back to the Frenchies.

So a guy is blond and a girl is blonde.  I never know that – goes to show you can learn something every day.

I love blonds and here are a few….

June 29th, 2010

Blonde Guys

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One of my roomies had a friend over for New Years he was gorgeous!!!!

Blonde, tanned, six pack, tall and unfortunately str8.  We had a BBQ at the house and we were all in the pool and I could have just jumped him.  Have a guess what I was thinking about when I had my 2 morning wanks today….

January 1st, 2010
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