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Need a Girlfriend

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This morning I was adding some of my latest speedo selfies to an online dating/swinging site.  I keep all of my selfies in one folder and while 90% of the photos are terrible, they all bring back memories.  Unfortunately, most of my photos are selfies, it would be much more fun to have photos with others or taken by others.

There were a few pics that did bring back some pleasant memories form a girl I used to hang out with.  Not sure if we technically ‘dated’ but we hung out and were fuck buddies for six months or so before we no longer lived in the same town.

She was fun, loved me wearing speedos (I bought her the black Wicked Weasel pictured below) and while we never had any swinger/threesome experiences together, I think that would have happened in the long run.

It has been a long time since I’ve had sex with a woman (last is probably Rachel – click here to read about that) and it has been a very long time since I ‘dated’ a girl.  I think this should be a New Years Resolution for me….

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December 27th, 2022

White Swimwear

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I often talk about how I am on Grindr (click here to see the speedo guys I’ve found on there).

For those who don’t know what Grindr is, it is a hookup/dating app for gay guys.  If I had a girlfriend I think it could be a good place to pick up guys to join us for a threesome…  hopefully one day I’ll get to tell you about that.

The straight version of Grindr is Tinder which is probably better known…. leave me a comment and let me know if you have heard of one or both of these apps.  With some crap weather here I was a little bored so I downloaded Tinder and put up a real profile.  So far, I have had zero matches and I feel like a lot of the accounts are fake but I’ll see how it goes over the next week or two.

One profile that jumped out at me was a chick wearing a super sexy white, thong, one piece swimsuit that looks amazing.  And it looks naughty.  She seems just like the girl for me…. (there is a non-blurry version for members, didn’t really want to make this 100% public).

Tinder White Swimsuit

I know most of you guys are interested in chicks in white swimsuits (if you are go over to my bisexual blog –, so here are some guys wearing white speedos which is probably more up your alley.

November 23rd, 2021

This Thong Looks Familiar

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Happy Thong Thursday everyone, right now I don’t have a thong on but I am wearing a jockstrap.

I’ve been looking for a thong I could swim in.  So it has to be lycra and have a drawstring and I really can’t find anything.  If you know of one, or if you own a company/website that sells something like that, please let me know because I think there are lots of guys in my situation.

Today’s thong photos are pretty tidy.

Thong ThursdayMale Thong Thursday

That thong reminds me of a Wicked Weasel thong bikini I once bought a girl.  Not quite the same but I think you can see why it felt ‘familiar’.  Yes, that is me and a pair of prototype DE Swimwear (Dave Evans Swimwear).

Wicked Weasel and Speedo

June 18th, 2020

Co-Ed Speedo Party

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The “Speedos Only Party” was a success… again!!!

It was a great group of people and since I have been coming here now for 5 years, the group were all people I had met at some point.

Kip and I MacGyver’d his hottub this year and increased the temp from the factory 104F to a more civilized 108F (42.2C).  Surprisingly, it does make a difference.  He also cranked up the heat inside his townhouse so nobody was even slightly cold when walking around the house wearing very little… despite it being 15F (-10C or so outside).

Thinking about it, there were 17 people there, 10 guys and 7 girls.  Most of the guys are gay (or at least slightly) and there were no questions about everyone speedo’ing it up.  I was surprised that most of the speedos were AussieBum or Budgy Smuggler brand speedos.

The girls, I was very surprised how skimpy their bikinis were, there were 2 Wicked Weasels!!!

Kip’s sister (I have to tell you guys more about her since we are kinda going ‘steady’) wore the Wicked Weasel I bought her and one of her friends from San Diego wore a Wicked Weasel as well.

The other girls all had bikini bottoms that were at some stage of thong, not all the way like the Wicked Weasel girls but definitely something.

Being in America and having a group of people just chilling out wearing not a whole lot was great.  I don’t even get that kind of group hanging out in Australia because on a usual day everyone is wearing dork shorts.

Unlike previous years…. I don’t have anything particularly naughty to report on.

Don’t worry, I do have some naughty stuff from earlier in the trip to report on.

And that is the end of another fantastic snowboarding trip to Colorado.  Tomorrow morning I’m up reasonably early and jumping on the shuttle to DIA (Denver airport) and then I’m off to Vegas for two nights.  Weather forecast is for sunny and mid 20’s so should get some pool time and you never know what other shenanigans I’ll get up to.

If anyone has any Vegas tips for me, please let me know (comment on this post or drop me an email)….

And if anyone hosts their own ‘Speedos Only Party’ please send me an invitation.

March 2nd, 2020

Smartphone Sex Survey

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Someone sent me through an article quoting some phone sex figures.

Click here for the original article to check it out for yourself.  I personally take it with a grain of salt, actually any survey involving sex I take with a pinch of salt because I wonder who is answering the survey and I’m sure depending on how they are being asked, as to how they are answering.

Anyway, enough of me being anal, here are the interesting figures they reported:

  • Half of couples have sent naughty pics to each other (guilty)
  • 27% answered the phone while having sex (guilty)
  • 18% made a call while having sex (I haven’t done that)
  • 2/3 said having an affair was easier because of smart phones (I would agree because hookups are easier)

Do you agree or disagree with these figures?

Home Made Speedo Porn

August 19th, 2019

I am in love

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I know it is Thong Thursday and last week I posted pics of a guy wearing a pink thong which looked really hot but I can’t say I think I could pull it off – I mean of course I’d like to pull it off, preferably with my teeth…..

On my blog I promised those guys that this week I would post pics of chicks in pink thongs – click here to check them out – and during my search for chicks wearing pink thongs, I stumbled across this blonde chick wearing Wicked Weasel gear looking just gorgeous.

I can’t remember being this turned on by the photo of a chick in ages…..  would I give up cock for her?  Maybe……..  would you?

I’ll get back to the speedos tomorrow guys.

Blonde Wicked Weasel Chick

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July 19th, 2018
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