Kip is Blond

Did you guys know that blonde is female and blond is male?  I only just found that out.

Anyone, someone who reads my blog hung out at Kip’s place over the weekend.  He asked me not to write about it and since I value my discretion I will not discuss what we got up to.  But, this guy was surprised when he met Kip, firstly that Kip is so handsome for a computer geek AND that Kip is blond.  I didn’t think I had lead anyone astray but yes Kip is hot and blond.

I honestly don’t have any bias when it comes to hair colour, as long as pubic hair is maintained appropriately – hehehe.  But, when it comes to chicks, I have only ever been with blondes.  Again, not any personal bias, just the way things have worked out….

It isn’t that I prefer blondes, it is that blondes prefer me?

Blond GuyBlond Speedo GuyBlonde Guy in SpeedosCute Blonde in Speedos

3 Users Responded in " Kip is Blond "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

is he more like picture 1 or 2? 1 or 2?

darren said,  

Dave, the guy in the first pic is so hot, great all over tan and a body that is so fit. If that is Kip then you are a lucky guy!

Dr. Phil said,  

While there are likable (and lick-able!) things about all four, Mr. #2 is really doing it for me today.

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