Clean Cut vs Tattoo’d

I am in the middle of writing a little bit about my Friday beach/speedo date, I should have it ready for you guys (probably members only) tomorrow or even tonight.

While we were on the beach we saw a guy who was working on his speedo tan and swimming naked a little bit away from us.  Fit, good looking guy but covered in tattoo’s.  Alex (I’m going to call my date Alex since that is what it says on his speedos) doesn’t have any tattoo’s and watching him walk down to the surf in his speedo just looked cuter to me.  I know it is a personal preference.  Maybe I am showing my age because a lot of younger guys have tats these days it seems.

What is your thoughts guys?

As I was thinking about this last night, there came on some swimming highlights, I think it is Commonwealth Games and there was some footage of one of the Aussie men, Kyle Charmers.  I’ve never heard of him but I don’t really follow swimming.

He has a body that is just amazing but he is covered in these stupid tattoos that make him look like a thug (in my mind).

Kyle Chambers Shitty TattoosKyle Chambers

He didn’t always have the chest tattoo, I think winding back time he looks better…..

Aussie Swimmer Kyle ChambersSpeedo Man Kyle ChambersKyle Chambers in Speedos

And he was once a nice clean cut guy (I love those speedos!!!).

Would love to hear your thoughts guys, I definitely think I’m wrong and too old school in my thinking.  However, one thing that makes me think that maybe I’m not in the minority is that male porn actors with zero tattoos are paid a lot more.  Is there anything to that?

Kyle Chambers Aussie Swimmer

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Silkysmooth said,  

I agree with you 100%. I don’t like tats at all. Actually, it’s a turn off, a real boner deflator. Try to watch new porn and it’s really tuff to find ones that none of the participants aren’t all tatted. Sometimes I seek out the older stuff, but I really love smooth shaved, both sexes and the retro videos are all natural. BTW, saw your selfies, you’re definitely delish looking.

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