Gay Spin the Bottle

This movie was posted last month but there was an issue with the SSL (security certificate for the movie server).  This was an issue that Kip (my server admin) and I couldn’t replicate due to how we connect to the servers (the cloud if you want the new fancy word).

It is fixed now but some users (I’m guessing around 30%) might not have been able to watch this.  It is too hot for you to miss out on it, so here it is again.

For once I have nothing planned for the weekend and I am excited!!!

This morning I was up early, coffee,  walk along the coast, speedo swim (of course).  Back home by 8am and I’ve been working on a new speedo movie I have been wanting to share with you guys.

And here it is:

Seven (yes 7) gorgeous speedo guys playing spin the bottle.  All seven of the guys are rock hard and stretching the front of their speedos when this clip begins.  These guys are profession porn stars and after some spinning of the bottle, they start fucking.  And boy do these guys know how to fuck.  Being pornstars, all the fucking is bareback.

Now that I have finished this blog post… I need to relieve my speedo stretching cock.  Don’t think I’ll get through the first two minutes of this movie.

Because I am feeling horny, and I really want to share this movie with you guys, I have decided to make a sample of this available to non members.  If you would like to watch the full 22 minute version, you have to be a member (which is only $5).

1 User Responded in " Gay Spin the Bottle "

phltanner said,  

OK, I had my Aussiebum keyhole undies on & this made me pull my hardening cock out the keyhole & go to work – thanks!!

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