Road Trip to see my Speedo Daddy

My last blog post was links to my experiences with the ‘Married Guy’.

I shared those links for two reasons, firstly, I need to update that with the last time the Married Guy was up here on a business trip which really turned out to be a sex vacation for him.  And secondly, because I am going on a road trip down south and will be catching up with my old speedo fuck buddy.

We chat a little bit and he is still swimming, still looking great in a pair of speedos (not quite as good as the old guy pictured below but not far off).

He is also still married, still a devoted husband and father and still has a huge gay sex drive.

He hasn’t been able to find someone to fill the hole (I mean void) like I did so he has found a hot young speedo guy who is more of a ‘professional’, if you know what I mean…..

As well as catching up with a bunch of friend, of course I will be looking forward to what the Married Guy has planned for me.

As always, I promise to share with you guys what I get up to….I leave on Friday morning so have a bunch of work I’d like to get finished up before I hit the road.

Speeod Daddy

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