Suns Out, Speedos Are On

Finally, the sun is out here in the Sunshine State.

The weather this year has been miserable and I’m sorry I keep mentioning it here.  I find the weather effects my level of horniness though so it is important when it comes to this blog.

If it is cold and grey and I’m stuck inside then I’m not exercising so I feel fat, no need to keep on top of personal grooming and while I don’t get depressed, I’m not out there smashing it.

When the sun is out, like today, I’m up early, I’m at the pool, I’m walking around, I’m making sure everything is shaved (hehe) and since I’m walking around the house in speedos, I’m hornier.  Right now, I’ve packed my new laptop and I’m going for a quick drive up the coast to one of the quiet beaches to work on my speedo tan and see if there are any other guys excited to be outside in the sun again.

My latest news…. my laptop died earlier in the week so I had to scramble to get a new one.  I was without a laptop for 24 hours which was really weird.  Now that I replaced it, takes me forever to get everything setup again and anytime I go to do something, I have to install new software or look up passwords so things just take a lot longer but I feel like I’m just about back on top of it.  I had to order a hard drive caddie (something that connects an old hard drive to a USB cable) which won’t arrived until next week so there are still some things that I’m delayed on.

At the beach today I will be writing about my weekend at the Surf Life Saving Championships.

That will of course get me horny.  I have told a guy from Grindr where I will be so maybe he can help me with my horniness.  He said I could share these pics of him publicly.

Speedo DadSpeedo Daddy

I’ve packed condoms and lube just in case we run in to each other…..

I am wearing my new white Addicted speedos so if you are on the Sunshine Coast and see a guy with a laptop wearing white speedos, I think I’ll have a beer as well, come and say hello.

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