My Red Speedo

Just a little Monday morning speedo eye candy for you guys.

My Red Speedo

Darn he looks tastey in those red speedos doesn’t he?

I have a pair of those same speedos although I don’t look anywhere near as good.  They are a brand made here in Australia and while they aren’t a perfect fit for me (my bum is a little too big maybe?) I love the material and the look of the red ones as well as some of their other models.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached out to the guy who makes them and never heard back from him.  I wasn’t looking for a freebie, just some info so I could share it with you guys.

If any members would like to know what brand they are, drop me an email and I’ll share it with you, otherwise I’m not giving them the free PR since they wouldn’t even reply to my email.

My Red Speedos

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