Beach Day

Sorry for lack of posts over the last week guys.  My laptop died and while I got a new one quickly enough it takes me a few days to get everything reinstalled and I used the opportunity to make some internal changes to how I do some of my work.

Thank you for the emails of concern, it is nice to know that I am missed.

Other than adding 20 hours of work to my week, things are pretty cruisy here.

It is a gorgeous spring day here in Australia and I’m going to take my new laptop to the beach and do some work, and work on my speedo tan and show off my Q Swimwear speedos.  It is a little windy but I think I know a nice quiet spot that should be out of the wind.

One thing I will be working on is writing about the very hot, young (just 18yo) lifeguard I got to play with last week.  It is a different one than the lifeguard who blew me in the change rooms and I think you guys might be interested in hearing about it.  I’ll try and get it finished and share it with you guys tomorrow.

Here is what I’ll be wearing at the beach today… if you see me, say g’day.

Speedo Selfies

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