Foreign Objects

As expected, the Married Guys long weekend ‘work trip’ was just as hot as I expected.

I dropped him off at the airport yesterday afternoon.

Since then I’ve cleaned the house, which took a little while as you might expect.  I came down with the sniffles on Tuesday evening, again not surprising considering the foreign objects I had inside me over the last five days.  This morning I had a dentist appointment which was actually really good except I had the sniffles.  I know it isn’t covid safe but it took 9 months to get the appointment and I couldn’t wait 9 more months if I cancelled (and there is no covid in Queensland).

On the way home I’ve stocked up on groceries, tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day and I’m going to hibernate in my office for the next week.

I have to write about what went on.  As well as all the usual stuff like adding more movies which I have a pretty big backlog of.

To tie you guys over until tomorrow when I finish writing about some things we got up to, here is movie that I streamed to the TV on Sunday night once the footy was over.  It provided some ‘inspiration’ for us, hopefully it brightens up your Wednesday as well.

If you are just seeing a screen shot instead of the movie, you are not logged in, or you aren’t a member yet.  Click here to join now, this video alone is 46 minutes long.  It is really hot.

Gay Threesome with a Straight Guy

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