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My New Team Mates Cum On Me

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Lying on the floor of the communal showers, I was was covered in cum. Not my cum. It was in my hair, in my chest hair, on my face, all over the speedos I was wearing, and I think there was even some cum between my toes.

This was part one of the initiation to my new waterpolo team.

My team mates had all left the big open shower area, leaving the coach and I alone. The coach, who liked to be called ‘Coach’ was a big guy. He had played waterpolo at two Olympics and his arms were easily bigger than my legs. Nearly sixty years old, Coach’s barrel chest and chiseled jaw left no doubt how fit and strong he was.

Back on my feet, Coach approached me. We were both wearing the team speedos and both had raging boners. Coach asked me if I really wanted to be a member of his team, I replied in the affirmative. I had been told that we weren’t allowed to take our team uniforms/speedos home and Coach reminded me of this as he started to undo the white drawstring at the front of my speedo. With the knot undone, he popped my cock out and slid them down until they were on the shower floor.

This whole thing started about a month ago when one of my members, Kieran, messaged me an invitation to come along and train with his waterpolo team. I had never played before but I swim three or more times a week and I have stated publicly how hot waterpolo guys are. Kieran told me that the team was short of players and would love to have me along. I was told that while it isn’t a ‘gay’ team (there are teams that wave the rainbow flag proudly), half the team were gay guys and most of the other guys seemed very open minded.

When you think about it, a waterpolo player is hanging around a bunch of guys wearing very, very little and it is a full contact sport. Not the kind of thing that attracts homophobes.

Sounded like fun, so I got my courage up and went along. The first two weeks were great. I was proud that my swimming was strong enough to keep up with the guys, even thought I lacked the skills (ball skills – hehe) and tactics. Kieran was great and after each training session we would go back to his place and fuck like rabbits. This might have explained why I didn’t miss any training sessions.

Under the water there was LOTS of touching, pinching and grabbing. Back to what I mentioned earlier about not being suitable for homophobes, this was definitely the case under the water.

Nothing very gay happened until my third training session.

Most of the guys in the team had been playing together for years and they really don’t stop training much at all even though their season was starting just a few weeks after I started going along. The guys all had their ‘team’ speedo and I was keen to get mine. At the end of each training session the guys would give Coach their team speedo. He would take them home, wash them and hand them out at the next training session.

To training I wore my Turbo waterpolo style speedo and wore them under my shorts, I didn’t need the change rooms as I just dropped my shorts before and usually wore a towel home to Kieran’s place. The rest of the guys went in to the change rooms when they were handed their speedo from Coach.

My Turbo Waterpolo SpeedoMy Turbo SpeedoTurbo Waterpolo SwimwearGuy Wearing My SpeedosTurbo Swimwear

On week three I was out by the pool doing some stretches before training and Kieran told me I should follow him in to the change rooms.

During the short walk to the change rooms, Kieran informs me that if someone is late or misses training, then the guys will jerk off and cum in his speedo before training. Wow, things are getting gay. My cock started stirring. Walking in to the change rooms was like the introductory scene of a porno, eight guys all wearing nothing more than a speedo, which was pretty hot to start with. What was even hotter, there was Coach leaning against the sink/basin jerking off. This was the first time I had seen Coach wear a speedo and he was wearing the same team speedo that everyone else (except me) was wearing. I stood there completely in shock.

Funny that this is exactly what I had always dreamed a waterpolo team would be like and now I was actually in the middle of it. My cock had come completely to life while I stood there frozen.

Coach’s hips were thrusting and his rock hard butt cheeks were flexing and looked fantastic in his team uniform.  It even said “Coach” on the bum.

His moans got louder as he approached orgasm.

The other guys really didn’t seem to be too concerned or even interested and were just going about getting ready for the training session. I was mesmerized by Coach’s thrusting. And then one of his forwards thrusts was not followed by a thrust back as his cock starting spurting cum. Not on the bench but on one of the team speedos that was on the bench.

Coach wiped the last of his cum on the lycra material and tucked his fat, cut cock back in to his speedo. He turned around and looked at me, first looking at my eyes but then his eyes drifted down to my cock which was straining to get out of the lycra that was holding it in. Coach asked, really he told me, that I should ‘contribute’ because there was no way I could start training in the state that I was in.

He stood next to the bench and waved me over. I walked up beside him, my hips facing the bench and looked down at the cummy speedo. There had to be half a dozen loads of creamy cum slowly soaking deep in to the material. I could just make out the nick name of one of my team mates on the bum of the speedo, Rocky (Kieran told me he got that nickname because he loves to fight). Coach gave me a pat on the back and reassured me that it was OK, Rocky would do the same for me if I was late to training.

With that last piece of coaching advice, Coach put on a pair of shorts and left me alone in the change rooms.

I pulled my cock out the top of my speedo (the waterpolo style speedos don’t stretch very much so I can’t really pull my cock out the leg of my speedo how I usually jerk off in them). It didn’t take me long before I was adding my creamy load to Rocky’s speedo.

Rocky did turn up half way through training (I heard he had a genuine excuse for being late), I saw him come out of the change rooms wearing his cum soaked speedo and felt a little envious. Hehehe, I am such a cum slut.

My turn would come the following week, which is where I started telling you guys about this.

Sorry guys, I’m going to share this with my members only at this stage. It is their support that allows me to take the time writing about my experiences and pays the server, and server admin (Kip) bills to keep the lights on.

If you decide to become a member, you will appreciate the extra love I give you. Heck, Kieran was (and still is) a member which is how I became a waterpolo player.


March 22nd, 2023

Coach Dave Knows

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Guys, this is the second instalment of what I have been getting up to with the Young Lifeguard.  You can read what I wrote earlier in this blog post.

I’ve recently begun shagging a young guy (he is eighteen years old) that I met at the pool. He is one of the new Lifeguards that have been hired for the summer. I’ve written about how I caught him checking me out and how we got things started but I want to share with you guys what he told me about his first sexual experience.

The Young Lifeguard had started some Masters swim training, it is just an organised group swim with a coach for adults. I wrote about how this came about in detail and won’t bore you with those details again, you can read about that on my blog, which I suggest you do but it isn’t necessary.

The crux of what I wrote about is that the Young Lifeguard would jerk off before swim training as not to get any embarrassing public erections. He is wearing a tiny speedo and it doesn’t do a very good job of hiding even the slightest of erections. That is why I love speedos so much. He has done this for as long as he has been jerking off when he was growing up and was part of his swim training routine. That first night before Masters swim training, he continued his tradition of jerking off before training.

The Masters swim course was for three months and he Mum had signed him up and paid for it, mainly to get him off his arse.

He admitted that it felt great to be back in the pool and it only took a few weeks before he was back pushing some of his high school personal best times. The was about a dozen people in the group and their ages ranged from mid twenties to mid fifties and most of them were there because they were training for triathlons. The Young Lifeguard admitted that he was the best swimmer in the group.

Another question I asked was what he wore? He wore a speedo and maybe half the guys wore speedos and the other half wore bike shorts (jammers).

His first ever sexual experience wasn’t with any of the other swimmers, it was with Coach Dave. No, not me, I’m his sex coach, his swimming Coach Dave is the older brother of one of his high school friends. He didn’t have much to do with him growing up but they know each other well enough and he thinks that Coach Dave was happy to have the Young Lifeguard in the group. Coach Dave loved pushing him during training.

Coach Dave was a high school swimmer as well and being four years older is twenty-two and still looks amazingly hot although the Young Lifeguard hadn’t really thought of him in a sexual way since he gave off no gay vibes and wears clothes (not speedos) when coaching.

That all changed the very last night of the Masters swimming program.

The Young Lifeguard was at the pool an hour early to do some extra laps, which had started doing about half way through the program. After his ‘warm up’, which sounds like my biggest day in the pool ever, he jumped out and headed to the bathrooms/changerooms for his pre-training jerk off.

He didn’t care as much about jerking off before swimming on his own because he was in and out of the pool but often with the group swimming thing there was a bit of standing around and that is when a boner might be an issue.

The change rooms at the pool are always pretty quiet, Aussie’s generally just wear their swimming gear under their clothes and dry off.

During his last few laps and the walk to the change rooms he was getting a stirring in the front of his tight little speedo. He had recently downloaded a gay hookup app on his phone and had been talking to a cute guy earlier in the day and it was on his mind, he was wondering if he’d get up the courage to actually meet a gay guy for some fun instead of just getting all worked up and horny thinking about it.

Entering the change rooms the Young Lifeguard was now fully hard and with there being nobody around, he threw his towel on one of the benches and walked towards one of the back shower cubicles, a place where he had jerked off hundreds of times growing up and a dozen or so times in the last few months.

It was just like all those other times until he walked in to the cubicle and got the fright of his life.

Standing there in the shower cubicle was Coach Dave.

The Young Lifeguards mind was thinking about jerking off and while he doesn’t think there were any signs that there was anyone else in the change rooms, he admits that he might have missed any signs there were because he mind was else where. Now he was standing two steps from Coach Dave with a raging hard on and wearing nothing but a tiny pair of speedos.

Then it registered, that is exactly how Coach Dave looked as well.

The shower was off, but Coach Dave was wet, wearing a black speedo and taking a second, longer look, the Young Lifeguard realised that Coach Dave’s cock was hard and stretching the lycra of his speedo.

The Young Lifeguards mouth was open but he was unable to speak, there was no cock in his mouth yet, but there soon would be.

Thankfully Coach Dave finally spoke, he said “I know what you have been up to, get in here and close the door.”

The Young Lifeguard was still in shock and did what he was told. Closing the door the back of his hand accidentally brushed across Coach Dave’s cock and even that passing glace, he could feel how hard it was. With the door closed again, the Young Lifeguard turned back to face Coach Dave.

“I know why you come in to the change rooms before swim training mate, we all did it and when I see you leaving here before training I know exactly what you have been doing.” The Young Lifeguard felt bad and a little shocked that his pre training wank was so obvious. “It is OK mate, it is a shame your class at school didn’t have as many open minded guys as my class did. We used to make it a team bonding thing before training but from what my little brother has told me, your group didn’t do anything like that.” Now the Young Lifeguard was intrigued and despite trying to relax his cock, it twitched at the though of a group jerk off before training. “And also, I’ve seen you on that gay hookup app. One of your photos has you in the same speedo you are wearing now….” This was a kick in the guts to the Young Lifeguard, he thought that he was being discrete and couldn’t imagine that someone had found out about his gay feelings. His mind was going a million miles an hour, what had he said on his profile that was known to Coach Dave?

Coach Dave remembered, he said “You said you want to suck your first cock… how about this?” With that, Coach Dave pulled the front of his speedo down releasing his cock.

The Young Lifeguard still hadn’t said a word this entire time. His eyes were locked on Coach Dave’s cock. He had been watching a lot of gay porn (thanks to some of my websites) but he had never seen a fully hard cock in the flesh and here he was, sharing a shower cubicle with just such a cock.

“C’mon, it won’t suck itself” said Coach Dave.

This is all that the Young Lifeguard is allowing me to publish publicly at this stage.  The rest is available to members of course.

October 17th, 2021

Swim Teams New Uniforms

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The latest Movie of the Week encompasses many fantasies of mine and even an experience I had once.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a swim team and have a new uniform inspection at the beginning of the season?  And at that uniform try on session, the coach ends up touching the front of your new red speedos so much that you get an erection in front of the entire team.  Your team mates also get erections in their matching red speedos and everyone just starts fooling around.  Finishing up with the entire team unloading (bukkake style) on the coach.

Or… would you prefer to be the coach and have a team of hot young guys in red speedos letting you play with them?

For the public, here is a little sample from the full 26 minute movie.  If you’ve been thinking of joining… I think this video is worth the $5.

Do you like the speedos these guys are wearing?  Click here for the online store that sells this exact speedo for US$12.

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May 20th, 2020
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