It is a dude…

Don’t worry if you are confused from these photos and this post, it took a few minutes to ‘get it’ (blond moment on my part).

These are some pics from a recent Budgy Smuggler photo shoot and at first glace I though, wow that is hot, I love chicks who love guys in speedos and the whole matching speedos thing is an even bigger turn on for me (remember my friends Rachel and Taz?).

Courtney Act in Speedos

Some great photos featuring a new pair of speedos that have the logo of my local beer here on them and then I read the blurb…..

So when XXXX brought up the idea of the same person repping both the Smugglers and Smugglettes XXXX range we weren’t quite sure where they were going.

Then the penny dropped, Shane and Courtney… are the same person.

Now it seems pretty hot.  Go to bed with Shane and wake up next to Courtney or the other way around….

What are your thoughts?  Some more pics for members.

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