The Man in the Pink Speedo

My time in Port Macquarie was fun.  I caught up with an old friend, hiked down to the light house (nearly 20km walk) and had a man in a pink speedo occupy me on a very rainy Saturday.

OK, this is an odd one to explain how it came about…..

Saturday morning I was up early and had planned on going on the Parkrun (organized 5K run that happens in a lot of towns on a Saturday morning).  My mate in town has just gotten back in to running so thought it would be fun.  It was pouring rain!!!

Usually, I would not have done it.  But, I was awake, had spent hours in the car the day before so felt like I needed some exercise.  162 other people braved the rain as well.

Run was nice and I did feel really good afterwards.  My next planned appointment was dinner that night.  I went back to my hotel, did some work and I had a midday nap (I am getting old).  I slept for over two hours, woke up completely disorientated as to where I was or what time it was, I always laugh later when this happens.

A little groggy, I sat down to do some more work, considered pouring a drink, but it was only 2pm.  I had a quick search to see if there was a local lap pool, there was one three blocks from my hotel.  That would wake me up for sure.

Ironically, it was still pouring rain, so to avoid getting soaked, I drove the pool.

The 50m pool was really nice.  It is 6 or 8 lanes wide and there was only one other person in there when I jumped in.  I banged out 1,500m.

When I topped, there was a guy in the lane next to me, I hadn’t noticed him so he must have just gotten in the pool and was stretching out.  I like to bang out some laps and then I stretch.

He looked like a serious swimmer, had fins and a few training devices, wore a swim cap and he was wearing a pair of pink Budgy Smuggler speedos.  That caught my attention.

What does a pink speedo mean these days?

  • Does it mean he is gay, out and proud?
  • Is it more of a joke, perhaps a gift from his girlfriend having a laugh?
  • Could be a blokes team or club having a laugh as well?
  • What do you think a pink speedo on a guy means?

I’ll tell you guys more later.  Going for a sunset walk here at the southern end of the Gold Coast.  Hit me up if anyone wants to hang out in speedos later tonight or tomorrow.

In the gallery below, there are three of my speedo selfies of me wearing my pink AussieBum speedos.  I’m not sure where they are, the pink ran when they got wet, ruined a towel the first day I had them so I really haven’t worn them much.  Not sure I have the confidence to pull off wearing a pink speedo.  When I bought it, the idea was to use it as a joke in front of my straight friends (the ones I’m in the closet to).  An excuse to be able to wear speedos amongst my friends.  Never really happened though.


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