Alex Tied up and Fucked by 18yo Tom (and me of course)

I think it was me posting that photo of Justin Bieber tied up in his speedo a couple of days ago which gave Alex the idea that he wanted to be tied up again…..

Alex’s first ever time bottoming (being on the receiving end of my cock) involved him being tied up (click here to read that story) and last night was just as hot.

18yo Tom was in town and we had arranged for the three of us to meet at my place.  Alex had texted me saying that he was just itching to be tied up and fucked hard by both of us…. sounds pretty darn good to me.  Alex has come a long way since his first ever gay experience (click here to read that).

This is something that I’m writing about in detail…. like every little detail so if you want to hear more, you should join the blog – it is only $5 and you know I spend a bunch of time working on this stuff.

Can you imagine, 12/18 months ago Alex had never kissed a guy and yesterday, he had 2 different cocks in his arse.

OK guys, I have to get back to writing about this in detail – if you decide to join, I appreciate it and promise you’ll get your $5 worth.

Speedo BondageTied up in speedosSpeedo BDSM

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