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This weekend is my last here in Colorado and it is going to be busy.  Kip is back in town tomorrow (Saturday), then I am off on Tuesday.  It has been great, lots of snowboarding, lots of hottub fun.

I’ve got a handful of projects that Kip and I have been working on which we have to try and get tidied up although we talk to each other pretty much every day even when we are opposite sides of the planet.  There will be some exciting things for me to share with you guys in the coming weeks as things get polished up.

I think I’ll get a bit of a chance to debrief during the long slog back home.  I’m flying Denver, Salt Lake City, LA then Sydney.  Then jump on the train and get to Gosford train station about 38 hours after I leave here.  It has been worth it though.

One thing I am looking forward to though is seeing real guys at the pool wearing speedos……

Pool SpeedoSpeedo Stretch

Or maybe some guys at the beach in their speedos……

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vasy said,  

Beautiful ass of the last pic..incredible speedo’s shoot

beerdoc_colorado said,  

north bondi is the place to go. have a safe trip back. see you next year for snow fun. now its time for me to fill the hot tub for summer fun.

samspeedo said,  

Hot diggety-dog . . . #1 and #4 are awesome pics, Dave!

#1 fills out his speedo magnificently . . . love his tat as well!

#4 – whew! talk about a perfect ass filling out a speedo! Mmmmmm . . .

Both photos made it more than worthwhile getting up today! lol

Safe trip back home, too, Dave.

Darren said,  

I agree with Vasy that ass in the last pic is fantastic. Still hoping to chat with you Vasy on that chatline I suggested.

Darren said,  

Looking at the pics again I guess the guy in the background of the first pic is wearing a thong, any one agree.

vasy said,  

black and white picture..a little vintage..and this ass…

Dave Evans said,  


I spotted that as well – I was thinking it might be a chick in the pool with him.


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