Cute Model in Aqux Speedos

OK, things are starting to take shape reverting things to the old layout.  The reason I changed the layout was to accommodate the new members area, I thought it was the only was it would be possible for me to do it.  However, after working with the members system now for a couple of months, I figured out how I could do it a little bit better.

Sorry for the screwing around but that is how the cookie crumbles and if I am to continue spending the amount of time I do on the blog…. I needed to create a members area.  If any Sugar Daddies want to step up, I would be interested – hehehe – then I wouldn’t be spending all day Saturday working on this stuff, but I do love it so it is OK.

This is an old gallery from that I thought I’d share with you guys.

I did own a pair of those Aqux speedos once, I’m not sure where they got to, they might be in storage somewhere or I might have given them away at some point.

Someone told me that this photo shoot looks like it is in New York somewhere, I’ve never been to New York so I can’t comment, if you know leave a comment.

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