Horrible Speedos, Hot Guys

Just a quick post today guys, I’m off to the pool for a swim and wanted to post before I left.

Check out these incredibly hot guys, and their incredibly horrible speedos.  Who would ever make a speedo that colour of green?

I have one speedo in my speedo drawer that is a light blue which is just about as bad, it is a shame because it is an arena speedo and I love the fit and material but the light blue makes it look super faded or just…. shitty.

I think I’ll create a topic over on the Speedo Forum (www.SpeedoForum.org) for guys to post pics of their worst speedos.

Horrible Speedo ColourBad Speedos

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Anonymous said,  

Dave the colours may be horrible, but the guys in them are hot, and I do like the brief cut of the speedos. It is not all bad is it?

Anonymous said,  

Actually don’t mind the lime speedos . . . tho’ I wouldn’t buy a pair, myself!

The guys sure are hot . . . particularly the cute guy in the yellow speedo.

I think the speedos could be cut higher . . . say 1.5 inch sides . . . these speedos kind of hide some of the guy’s assets a bit too much!

Anonymous said,  

I think the green are kinda hot, myself. Maybe its the bodies wearing them them, but I would get one. I even like the yellow.

Anonymous said,  

I think they’re all pretty hot. Color makes their junk jump.

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