I’m the Anniversary Present….

There is a couple on the Speedo Forum (www.SpeedoForum.com) who have posted some great pics over the years.  I’ve spoken with them briefly, mostly me just complimenting them on their photos.  On the forum they go by Penny and Pat (not their real names).

Today I received an email from Penny.


Pat and I have been fans of your forum and your sites over the last few years, I think we have been members of the forum for 6 years!!!

In a few weeks time, Pat and I are having our 10 year anniversary and while I know it is cheesey, we are going to Vegas.

Would you like to join us?


The email was actually about 8 paragraphs but I think you guys get the gist.

Turns out, Jeff Horn (fellow Queenslander) is fighting in Vegas that weekend and a mate of mine has lined me up with some tickets!!!!

A Vegas boxing match at the MGM and a weekend fucking a bisexual couple who love speedos….. fuck yeah!!!!!

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DeepKisser said,  

Hi Dave,

Isn’t that fight this Saturday June 9th in Vegas? If so you are probably on a plane now with your guests.

Show them a good time!


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