Off to the Pool

Our lockdown ended yesterday at 4pm…. our dear leaders gave us a whole 6 hours notice which is so generous of them.  I won’t get started.

Good thing is, after some clarification on the new rules that we live under, pools are open so I’m off to the pool.

It is a rainy day here but after a week locked away and not allowed more than 5kms from home I’m getting out to enjoy it.  And hey, I’m going for a swim, doesn’t matter if I get a little wet from the rain.

Last week was just a shitty week and I was down, drank a bit and was lonely so this week a swim and I’ll get stuck in to a bunch of work.  I will be planning a Friday night swimming session like I had two weeks ago.  Hopefully the lifeguard and swimmer will be around.

(Not sure what I’m talking about, click here to read about an amazing little experience I had at the pool a few weeks back).

If anyone else is at the pool, I will be wearing a pair of red classic AussieBums, say hi.

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