Speedo Ride

Yesterday I finally spent a little bit of time in my speedos are the beach…. the weather here has been horrible, windy, rainy and not speedo friendly at all.  I’ve feel like I’ve been imprisoned and I am getting fat – haha.

So today I organised a ride up in the beautiful hinterland behind the coast here.  With two guys who are members of this blog.

Yes, I had some naughty intentions in mind…. there is a gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole near the top of the climb we were going to ride and it would be speedos of course.  Then I thought we would end up back at my place and hang out in my pool.

I was up early, getting my lycra on and just as I was about to walk out the door the guys called me and told me to have a closer look out the window.  Looked a little overcast so I went up to the roof and looked west (towards the hinterland and where we would be riding) and it looked darm an ominous… and not riding weather.

Ride was postponed so now I’m back in the office working.

I had hoped to go to bed tonight with a sore ass…. not just from a big road ride….

Did you know Lance Armstrong is a speedo fan?  Here he is on the bike and click here for an old blog post with more pics of him speedo’ing it up.  Post is from 2015 (yes, I’ve been blogging for a while).

Lance Armstrong Riding in a Speedo

More guys should speedo it up when cycling.

Speedo Rider

2 Users Responded in " Speedo Ride "

Riding Couple said,  

Dave – even though our ride was cancelled. We are happy to cum over and give you the sore butt you deserve.



Hey guys,

I’ve just shot you a text with my address, ‘cum’ over anytime. The pool has a speedo only rule as you might expect.

The weather has turned better, maybe we could get that ride in later today, after hanging out in the pool and ‘what ever’ else we get up to?


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