Summer of Speedos

This morning I am sitting on my deck wearing a hoodie and jeans…. I miss sitting here wearing just a speedo.

I shouldn’t be complaining because it is going to be a gorgeous day.  Get up to above 20C (just on 70F), no wind, the ocean is about the same temp and I can just see one cloud out on the horizon over the ocean.

Now that the sun is up I’ll move up to the roof and I’ll be able to start delayering.

How is everyone in the northern hemisphere enjoying summer?

While I finish off some writing today I thought I’d post a new Movie of the Week which I chose because it feels ‘summery’.  Couple of super hot guys, in speedos of course, sucking and fucking by the pool on a nice warm day.  Just feels like something one would do in summer.

Can you not see the movie?  That is because you are not a member.

Joining is only $5 and I think it is worth it just for this 18 minute long HD movie.  Click here if you’d like to watch it right now.

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