Sunday Funday isn’t an expression I have heard in Aussie but it seems pretty common over here in Colorado.

It is a beautiful Sunday here, nice and warm, not a cloud in the sky.

I haven’t told you guys about what Kip got up to the other night.  Turns out he ran into a guy that he has been talking to on Grindr that Kip has a bit of a crush on.  Kip thinks it could be something more than just a casual fuck so that is why I wasn’t invited to join in.  Kip was pretty smitten which was cute.

In the mean time, Kip is away this week on some personal business so I have his house all to myself except…… Kip’s sister is floating about.

Kip’s sister is a bit of a long story and I know a lot of you guys aren’t interesting in my str8/bisexual experiences so I’m going to leave that stuff to my bisexual blog –  If you are interest, drop over there and check it out.

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bill jones said,  

lick ass

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