House Mates

The only house mate or roomie that I’ve really ever had is Kip when I’ve been in Colorado or when he has come to Aussie to visit. When we hang out not only do we get a tonne of work done, but we also fuck each others brains out.  It is kinda handy, if I get horny (which I do a lot) I just announce it and we fuck.

It also helps that Kip and I usually only wear speedos when we are just hanging out at the house so it is pretty hard to hide an erect cock in speedos.

This Movie of the Week features two men, room mates with matching speedos, fucking just like Kip and I do.  I particularly love how the guy keeps his speedo on when he fucks the other guy.

A really hot movie – enjoy the sample if you are new here and members will enjoy the full 20 minute video.  I don’t think anyone will last the full 20 minutes the first time they watch this.

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