Alex, his girlfriend and me on a couch

Nothing too exciting to post today guys.  I’m working with Kip on a new movies system which I’m excited about.  The movies archive on is always growing but it has movies that I added years ago still in there.  I don’t want to delete old movies but some of them aren’t as easy to watch on mobile devices.  All the new movies are 100% compatible over all devices but this thing we are working on will reformat all the old movies.

I’m excited about it but I suppose everyone else on the planet thinks it is boring – hahaha.

Last night Alex and his girlfriend dropped by.  It was just after 5pm and I was sitting at my kitchen bench wearing a blue speedo and nothing else when there was a knock at the door.

Alex’s girlfriends video presentation went great and she can’t believe how professional it looked and she had brought over a bottle of scotch for me.

I made them come in and the three of us sat around and had a couple of scotch’s.  Very weird indeed knowing that Alex has sat on that couch while I suck him off, and he has sucked me off while sitting on the couch as well.  Both of us had our poker faces on though and didn’t give anything away.

The more I hang out with Alex’s girlfriend the more I like her.

Classic Blue Speedo

5 Users Responded in " Alex, his girlfriend and me on a couch "

cr said,  

What is your prefered Scotch?

I’m a big Glenlivet fan. 12 years is great, 18 years gets me excited every time, and usually drink more then I can afford….


cr said,  

By the way, that blue Speedo hangs nicely on the guy above…..

Sam Speedo said,  

Yes . . . the blue speedo fits the guy above just beautifully!

Eric Rex said,  

Looks great, and I love your stories. 🙂

k1speedo said,  

Maybe it’s time to suggest a threesome Dave????

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