Alex’s Buttplug Training

How was everyone’s weekend?  I hope those in the US had a good holiday weekend, I know Kip got out on the lake on Friday and drank way too much, which isn’t a bad thing since he wasn’t driving the pontoon boat.

I wanted to give you guys an update on how Alex went with the buttplugs on Friday afternoon.

I hadn’t mentioned the buttplugs to Alex but he read about it on this blog before he arrived at my place on Friday afternoon.  He was excited about trying them.

Alex arrived at my place, I was wearing my new red Arena speedos and nothing else.  After a quick kiss, Alex stripped down to his black lycra speedo brand speedo and we made our way to the kitchen.  On the coffee table was a tube of lube and the three buttplugs.  Alex picked one up and was very interested.  He said he had never played with any anal tools, his girlfriend isn’t into vibrators so he didn’t have one in his house he could play with.

No time like the present then for Alex to have a go.

Before we got started we both had a shower.  Our speedos stayed on for a while as we made out in the shower and finally they came off and we both soaped up our arses…. it might be Alex’s training but I was hoping to have some anal play as well.

Out of the shower we didn’t bother putting speedos back on and I had Alex get on his knees in front of the couch.

I grabbed the smallest of the buttplugs, lubed it up and then started inserting it into Alex.  We were both still hard after our shower but I wanted Alex to fuck me so I didn’t want him to cum just yet.  The first buttplug went in pretty well although Alex couldn’t quite get it down to the base.  I’m really not in a rush at all and I’m keen to take things super flow with Alex as not to scare him off at all.

With the buttplug in his arse for about 5 minutes Alex was getting close and I wanted my arse filled too.  Very very very slowly, I took the buttplug out of Alex and told him it was my turn.  I think Alex thought that I was going to use one of the buttplugs…. no, no, no.  I wanted Alex inside me.

It didn’t take Alex long once he was inside me.  His first stroke was ALL the way in.  I came just before he did which was very quick even for me.

Alex didn’t want to take the buttplugs home but said he is looking forward to working up to the big one.

If you want to read 3 of my experiences with Alex.  His first time, Alex’s Sexual Bucket List and the threesome I had with Alex and Tim head over to  I’ve written about those experiences in detail.

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