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Is it officially summer yet?

It is feeling like it on the beach although in a couple of weeks the school summer holidays will start here which is a bit of a pain but the weather is great.

There are a lot more groups in speedos on the beach here, the clubbies (surf life savers) are out and about training and stuff and there is a group of swimmers who are out most days, I should look at joining them and split up my pool swimming with some open ocean swimming.

Someone emailed me through this photo the other day, I know one of the guys is a rugby league player but I’m not sure if it is the NSW squad or a club team?  Any ideas?

There are often photos here on the news of our footballs teams in the pool on Monday doing a warm down all wearing speedos, or guys at the beach wearing speedos.  I wonder if you’d ever see an NFL team or even an overseas soccer team speedo’ing it up like that.

Has to be good for promoting guys wearing speedos when they see athletes wearing them.

Team Building in Speedos

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Dr. Phil said,  

I’ve never seen one, anyway, which is sad…but also kind of not, because there are very few hot NFL players, in my opinion. They’d look like a crowd of sides of beef if they did.

samspeedo said,  

You’re right, Dave. The player (second from the left in speedos, of course) is Luke Ricketson who used to play with the ‘Roosters’ (Eastern Suburbs) in the NRL (National Rugby League competition. He retired a couple of years ago after a stellar career at Easts, and also playing for NSW and Australia.

Luke did a bit of modelling work as well as play rugby league . . . this pic shows you why he was so successful at that, too. Mind you, there’s a few other bulked-up hot guys here, nicely filling out their speedos as well!

Dave Evans said,  


It was Ricketson that I recognized, I knew one of you guys would come up with the answer.


k1speedo said,  

It’s great to see the NRL guys and some of the rugby guys wearing speedos cos as you say Dave it’s great for promoting the wearing of speedos, to a wider and non gay swimming audience.

Tommygunzz said,  

So where can I buy one of the “North Bondi Surf Clubs” speedos? I checked their website and it seems there are no souvenirs to be purchased there. 🙁

anyone have an idea? I’d be happy to swap some from my collection if anyone has a suggestion.

William said,  

Tommygunzz said: So where can I buy one of the “North Bondi Surf Clubs” speedos?

Yeah, these are definitely great looking speedos!
And the men wearing them also.

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