Aussie BBQ Time

You guys can’t imagine how busy Kip and I have been.  It has been fantastic having him here as I think we get a lot more done and a lot more ideas when we are sitting opposite each other at the table.

Next week will have a whole new bunch of stuff happening, new sites names due to the Evil Speedo Corporation AND I am in the middle of a huge movie update – added about 2hr of new movies today to my site which makes about 10hrs of new movies for the week.

That stuff is all boring and you guys probably don’t care.  Last week I mentioned that I ran into Alex’s girlfriend (yes, the same Alex that has had threesomes and foursomes with Kip and myself).  While we were chatting on the street an old friend of hers said hello, I’m going to refer to her as the Beautiful Brunette.  Alex’s girlfriend thought it was funny I reacted and turns out this afternoon Alex and his girlfriend are having a BBQ at their place and Kip and I have been invited….. and the Beautiful Brunette has been invited as well.  You can read more about this over on my bisexual blog –

Kip is in the middle of some work and doesn’t care too much about going but I’ll give him a couple more ‘Bundy Rums’ and that will convince him.  We need to get out of the office.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

You guys are probably bored with me just blabbing so I won’t leave you hanging without any pics for the day.

These three random speedo pics feature speedos that I’m not 100% sure I like…. but all three pics feature guys that I love!!!

Interesting SpeedosSpeedo ModelHoly Moly Speedos

3 Users Responded in " Aussie BBQ Time "

Anonymous said,  

Yeah, Dave . . . I could easily pass on the speedos here . . .

Mind you, I think the hot guy in pic #3 actually makes that speedo look quite acceptable: great looking guy, awesome body, serious bulge!

cr said,  

You will never be a bore! I just don’t know how any work could be done with Kip on site and looking at the material you are looking at; I would have an incredible urge to work at something else, or work on him…..

I shouldn’t admit it, but I have thought about buying the Nike in the last pic, but in purple.

Thanks for the eye candy! cr

Dr. Phil said,  

Personally, I’d take all three–guys and speedos! 😉

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