Beautiful Speedo Friendly Pool

These pics are courtesy of Chris Geary on a gay ski week trip last year in Europe.  What a beautiful hotel and pool!!!  I think I could live there.

Chris has been around online even longer than me I think and looks great in his speedos.  I once read that he grew up with a genetic problem that caused an issue with his chest (sorry for being vague, it was a while ago that I read about it) and as a result he bulked up to help with this ailment.

As you can see he looks great and is a wonderful speedo ambassador.

Cold SpeedoSpeedos in the SnowSpeedo Buldges

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

what a beautiful view, the peaks and valleys on the men. I would expect to see more speedos in Europe instead of Aspen or Vail. Well your last week here. Seems like you just arrived in CO. Big dump of snow this week up in the mountains. one more ride down the mountain. In a few days you will stop talking about moguls, altitude, and snow plows. have a safe trip and look forward to your next posting from Oz.

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