Best Aussie Speedo Ever

I don’t understand Twitter.  Perhaps I’m showing my age.  I’m OK with the Facebook because it helps me keep up to date what my international friends are doing but I still love blogs.  I can’t write in detail about experiences on Facebook or Twitter and don’t get me started about Instagram… I don’t get that at all.

If you are still reading this, you must like blogs as well.

I have a work Twitter account and I post links to blog posts and Speedo Photos of the Day and I have 6,500 followers.  I don’t know if that is good or bad?

One thing that modern social media sites are good for is the amount of speedo selfies that are published.  That is something I love.

For example… picture below.  I think this young Asian Australian guy is wearing the hottest Aussie Flag speedo ever.  And it is a bathroom selfie.

If the photo below is blurred then you aren’t a member.  Please support this blog, it is only $5 and you won’t see messages like this.  And get to watch full length speedo porn in HD and read about all of my naughty speedo experiences.

I also gave members the link to this young Asian guys Twitter account so they can follow him too.

Tiny Aussie Speedo

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