Black or White Speedos

If you took a guy home from the bar, or took a guy into the bathroom of a bar, removed his jeans would you prefer him to be wearing a white speedo, or a black one?

I love white speedos and wear them under my jeans just as much as I wear black ones.  However, wearing white speedos in public is tough.

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Birdie Beach (a nude/swingers beach a little north of where I live) and I wore my AussieBum Coolabah’s which are white and see through.  And my DE Swimwear are white and VERY VERY see through when wet.  I’ve never worn white speedos at the lap pool but I have at the beach with private company.

I’d love to know how many of you guys own and wear white speedos or are they just too ‘naughty’?

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Darren said,  

I do not think colour is important, you wear the colour you like and are happy with. I must say I do like white, especially if they are see through, and like you Dave they are ok on the beach but not at the pool. Last week there were comments on cock rings, and I had never tried one as I thought they are uncomfortable, but how wrong I was. I have worn one now for the last three days and have only taken it off to shave, as you have to, and it is so comfortable I did not feel as if it was on, but I could see from the extra bulge in my jeans that it was.

Eric said,  

White look a bit too much like undies for me, but I like see-through when wet. Yellow or pink or light blue look great. Black is great for a thong.

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