Black Thong Thursday

I haven’t worn my thong (yes I only have one) in a few weeks…. since it is Thong Thursday I think I’ll thong it up instead of speedo’ing it up today.

Black Thong

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samspeedo said,  

Well! That’s a pretty fine black thong there! I have a number of thongs and, really, find them the most comfortable of underwear to use! I’m not a cross-dresser or transv . . . I just love the range of men’s thongs which are now available for sale.
Usually, they come with a good, deep pouch which is pretty handy of you have larger than average sized balls. If you shave your balls, they also feel extra luxurious as they clutch and hold everything in place comfortably! Mine are nylon, which allow for great ventilation and wicking. They’re extra great on a stinking hot Australian summer day when you can simply just slip one on and spend most of the day as good as naked! I also have a couple of swimmer thongs which I’ve used in private pools or at the river. The (unnecessary) extra layering makes them not as comfortable or revealing as the nylon numbers but still pretty useful.While I’d love to encourage everyone to observe Thong Thursday, for me, every day is a thong day! They’re awesome!

Dave Evans said,  

Sam Speedo,

I’ve tried and failed finding a swimming thong – I’d love one with an actual drawstring so I could wear them in the surf up on a quiet beach or something.


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