Blog Fan + Tim + Alex + Me (all in speedos of course)

Here is a bit more of a snipped from last Friday’s foursome just to keep you guys interested.  This week was supposed to be nice and quiet but it has turned into a hurricane of stuff both socially and work wise.  Tomorrow things might return to normal a little bit but we’ll see.

On New Years Day I woke up a little late (not surprisingly) and as I was making a late morning coffee I looked out my kitchen window and low and behold there was a speedo clad guy sunbaking right outside my back door.

For those of you who are new to this site let me explain a little about where I live. These days I live in Terrigal which is about an hour and a half north of Sydney. I’ve rented a little house which is pretty crappy but it is right on the beach. It is a duplex so there is a house next door where a couple of chicks live who are really nice and have caught me in my speedos on a few occasions. Being right on the beach from my backdoor it is about 10 steps to the sand. It is a great spot!!!

So when I looked out of my kitchen window, I saw a guy sunbaking just there. He was hot and was wearing a pair of AussieBum Portsea speedos. Those speedos and I have a long and horny history. Here is a pic of them…..

Jerking off in AussieBum Speedos

It was something out of the ordinary and incredibly lucky of me to wake up to this kind of view. I was thinking that maybe this guy had read my blog or been a member of this site, from the description of my house which I’ve mentioned before, it wouldn’t be that difficult to find out where I live, particularly if you knew the area.

Only one way to find out, I decided to go for my morning swim just wearing a speedo, an AussieBum speedo of course and see if I get any reaction out of the guy.

I put on a navy blue AussieBum speedo and just as I was walking out of my bedroom I hear my front door open. I had forgotten that I had mates coming over to watch the first day of the New Years Day test match (cricket). I ducked back into my room and put some shorts on. Looked like I was going to get a reaction out of the sunbaker. We ended up dragging the TV outside and watching the cricket with a speedo clad guy a dozen steps from us.

That afternoon I mentioned exactly what I just said on my blog hoping that perhaps the guy was stalking me. Turns out he was.

I got an email from the guy saying he was a fan of my blog and has been a member of this site. He lives in Sydney working as a lawyer but grew up on the coast and his parents have a house not that far from my house. He is 35yo, spends enough time at the gym to look pretty ripped, loves speedos and is gay but masculine. He was up on the coast for Xmas/New Years and woke up early on New Years Day and thought he’d go to the beach. He thought he knew which house I lived in and thought he’d find out by tanning right outside my back door. I’ll refer to him as the Blog Fan.

The following Wednesday I told him to come tanning again at the same spot and I’d join him. It was kind of fun and he wore his AussieBum Portsea’s again. I took a beer down and we chatted for a while before I invited him back up to the house where things turned x-rated pretty quickly.

It was nice to have a guy who really knew what he was doing and what he wanted and we had a great fuck session.

But that isn’t the story I want to share with you guys. What I want to share is what happened last Friday. The Blog Fan headed back to Sydney after our fuck session but he emailed me saying he was going to be in town for a 3 day weekend and was coming up on Friday morning and wondered if we could get together again. I had a great so I was keen. Then Blog Fan asked if there was any chance Alex could come along. He had read about how Alex has been exploring his gay side and had really enjoyed the stories I had written. I could ask.

I did ask Alex, and I asked TIm and both guys said yes!!!! The Friday Foursome was a go.

Friday finally came around. I couldn’t believe how horny I was thinking about the four of us. I was wearing a pair of red speedos which I wore the first time I played with Blog Fan, Alex arrived first and he was wearing a pair of black lycra speedos which he loves fucking in, then Blog Fan arrived and was wearing his AussieBum Portseas and Tim arrived a couple of minutes later and was wearing a pair of white speedo Solars which he had just bought (solars are the ones with the 1″ sides).

The four of us were having a beer and standing around my kitchen, wearing nothing but the four pairs of speedos I mentioned above. Everyone there had read my blog post about the Blog Fan and knew what was going to happen.

Blog Fan started the x-rated things off by talking to Alex about his new gay experiences and talking about how much he was turned on by reading about it. This topic had all four of us starting to bone up. Then the Blog Fan moved towards Alex and put his hand on Alex’s arse. He was kind of waiting for approval from Alex and Alex faced him and starting kissing him – I think that counts as approval. Both these guys are good looking and looked great in their speedos.

With that kind of show going on Tim and I retired to the couch to watch. On the couch I was rubbing my now very hard cock through my red speedos and my left hand was rubbing Tim’s now very hard cock through the white lycra of his speedos.

Alex and the Blog Fan were really getting into it, neither had touch each others cock but the front of their speedos was straining with their cocks. It was pretty fucking hot to watch as well.

If you want to read the rest – I’ll post it first on my site

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