Blue Randomness

How was everyone’s weekend?

Busy one here just working.  Kip is having some hassles with his house in Breck so I’ve been doing some work and research for him, if anyone here is a lawyer would love it if you dropped me a line, his lawyer is out of town on vacation so not quite sure what is happening just yet.

On a brighter note though, here is some blue speedo randomness.  Yes, I am wearing blue speedos right now and although it is a little overcast I will try and get to the pool at some point today.

Blue ADIDAS SwimwearNice Blue SpeedosSpeedo AdjustmentBlue Speedo GuyAussieBum Portsea

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Eric said,  

Picture 4 is a great looking guy. And I love the necklaces. My fantasy guys always have jewellery, multiple chains like this are perfect.

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