Can I wear white speedos to the pool?

I’ve had a great morning today, I got up early, jerked off twice, walked down to town and grabbed a pie for breakfast and I’ve got a bunch of work done.

Now I’m about to head off to the pool for a swim.

I’ve just got to decide what speedos to wear.  Normally I go with a black or navy pair of Arena speedos, or my ADIDAS three-striped black lycra speedos or a black AussieBum classic speedo.

However, I do have a white speedo solar (the small one with the 1″ sides, a pair of white AussieBum Coolabah’s and a pair of white AussieBum lycra speedos.  Why don’t I wear a white pair today?  The Coolabah’s are ruled out because they are a bit too see through when wet.  The speedo solar are tiny so that leaves the white AussieBums.

It is overcast and cold so there probably won’t be too many people at the pool so I’m going to try it.

Wish me luck guys.

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Steve said,  

Cool! Don’t think we’d get away with it here in the UK. Mind you, I did see a guy a while back in baggy shorts that were flesh coloured. Had to do a double take as he looked as though he was naked if you looked quickly!

electric2010 said,  

Can’t wait to hear about your white’s at the pool. Hope you had a good day.

michael said,  

Oh yeah I so hope you do this! Not only that but I hope it catches on … is mainstream too much to hope for?
I just knew you were a leader.

Darren said,  

I would wear the white speedo solar if it was me. If it gets some attention then good for you.

Spear said,  

I have a couple of white suits, I like to wear the 1″ solar. It’s worth wearing when it’s wet just for the looks on the beach. I wouldn’t wear my white Aussiebum there, but it could be interesting.

beerdoc_colorado said,  

white should never be worn before Memorial Day and after Labor day. And since you are in the southern Hemisphere, (winter) it is a faux pas to wear white. only during the summer.

Spear said,  

Where did that rule come from? Live in the tropics and I’ll wear whatever suits my fancy regardless of the time of year and damn any silly assed rule.

Pete25 said,  

I think he was just jesting.

Sam Speedo said,  

I’m sure he was jesting! I’d go for the 1″ solar myself though it would provoke lots of (hopefully, flattering) comments from other folks. The Aussiebum Coolabah’s sure show off a lot . . . if you take out the lining then even more is on show! The lycra whites would sure highlight your package and get folks chattering away too.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

I’ve heard that saying before but I broke the rule and did wear white.

There was 2 other people in the pool the whole time I was there so nobody noticed and nobody cared.

Was nice to do it, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.


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