Darn Facestalker

FacestalkerI have a personal account on Facebook (friends with my grandparents, cousins etc).  I think it is fun but I’m not addicted to it by any stretch of the imagination.  Around Xmas I decided I’d create an account to promote my site SwimmerBoyz.com and a place to post a little more like this blog.

Last week Facebook deleted my account and now I don’t have access to the pages I created.

They took it down for a single very PG-Rated photo.  I know they have decency rules and I thought I was playing ball but obviously not enough. It was funny the number of complaints that people filed against me for similar photos and Facebook always rejected them which I thought was great.

Ow well.  I’ve created a new profile.  Not sure how much I’ll use it but it is somewhere to chat with people if I’m bored.  Feel free to ‘friend’ me guys.

I also have a Twitter account which I’ve had for ages but I still don’t really get Twitter…. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old.

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