DE Swimwear – Where next?

It took less than a week to move the left over stock I had of my DE Swimwear.

I couldn’t believe the response, and I think I ironed out some of the previous kinks in the logistical side of things.  I’ve already had some great responses from guys:

“Hi Dave, i received your suit. what a great product!!! it fits really well. is it possible for you to send a suit to my partner because he liked mine ALLOT.”  James (Arizona)

“Hi, Dave. Got my suit today; and thanks for the super-fast shipping. I love the cut, and the snugness of the fabric felt so sensual, I couldn’t prevent a huge boner! This suit feels so sexy and sensuous, I truly didn’t want to take it off. (My cock never had it so good, ha, ha.) This will truly be one of my “special” suits, that I would only wear in carefully-selected environments.”  Chuck

“Dave I got the pair of white speedos you promised Me with your name on it! Had an instant hard On soon as I got it out of the package!  Just had to relieve the pressure that Was building with no & immediately.” DHS

Now I have to decide what to do next.  I don’t quite have the finances to go full out with it and have 3 different product runs.  Maybe I could do a pre-order thing.

If I decide to do another run – do I stick with white or do you guys want something that you can wear in public?  The white had no lining and were super super see through when wet.

DE Swimwear

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walt said,  

What ever else you do keep the see though white…since it is usually not for public use…why not do an even more daring 1″ sides version…then do other colors if you want…but I say…to keep DE swimwear hot…never do lining then you would be too much like the about one with a very thin small rainbow or double male circles placed on the back by your logo? GUYS IS THIS A GOOD IDEA..OR WOULD IT NOT SELL?

walt said,  

Another differentiate DE swimwear do a tight seam up the back so the material hugs and shows off each add cheek …that would be unique and hot….

walt said,  

add should have been ass

beerdoc_colorado said,  

I was too late jumping on ebay to get my DE swimwear. I needed them last nite for the hot tub. but they wouldn’t have stayed on very long 🙂 I would like DE on my butt.

k1speedo said,  

That’s great news Dave, Sold Out. I think you should do a couple of extra colours, black (yes a bit boring but at least most of us would wear them in public) and maybe either red or blue. I love white but only wear them under jeans or shorts or around the house.

Good luck with your venture Dave. There is obviously a market out there for you.

ErikAustin said,  

Keep the white – sexy and see through, and I like the idea of the smaller sides. And definitely no linings. Anything that shows off boners and butts.

DennisP said,  

Finally got mine. Large is a little snug, but very hot, wearing them today as undies.
When you do the new run, make a XL.
I would go red and white, maybe offer a liner so they can be worn in public

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