Do you like these guys?

I’ve got a gallery of pics featuring these two guys (and 2 more of their friends) going at it poolside.

Would you guys like me to post them?  Leaving a comment is super easy and you don’t have to leave your email address if you don’t want to.  And I read every comment posted.

Gay ActorGuy in Red Speedo

9 Users Responded in " Do you like these guys? "

electric2010 said,  

Yes, please do post….

birsbanepoolboy94 said,  

Yes please would love to see some of that 😉

DeepKisser said,  

They look great. Poolside fun is always good.

spear said,  

Twinks don’t do anything for me. Men, as in actual men, would look a lot more interesting

samspeedo said,  

Yeah . . . they are cute . . . not as cute as the ‘Brad Pitt’ lookalike the other day. [He was awesome btw . . . !]

Love to see more of him and these guys in future . . . with and without speedos!

Randy said,  

The definition of “Speedo” seems to be broadening all the time. These fashion fag “speedos” don’t do anything for me. Nor does anything else that gets away from the classic, 3-inch side, athletic-cut Speedo in solid colors. The basic Aussiebum suits excepted.

Spear said,  

Hey Randy, using the word “fag” seems to define where you’re coming from. Who is the fag here anyhow. And your idea of a classic speedo is way out of date. Maybe time to get with it. It’s the year 2014 not 1980.

samspeedo said,  

Yeah . . . I think 3-inch sides are FAR too wide! A great speedo is a narrow sided one . . . perhaps 1 or 1.5 inches AT MOST!

For comfort in wear as well as a good appearance/profile, a narrow side combined with a high cut is best (IMHO) . . .

I know there’ll be some disagreement amongst others – that’s just my personal preference (as well as what I buy) in a speedo!

Dave Evans said,  


The feedback I’ve been getting (with the next run of my DE Swimwear in mind) is that you guys like a smaller side which I thought was interesting.

Thanks a bunch for all your comments guys – I love it!!!


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