Footy Shorts

There is something funny here in Aussie, or maybe it is just the guys that I hang out with.

Although everyone wears speedos at the pool, under wetsuits and under boardies.  Nobody wears speedos at the beach or just hanging out.

Then, the guys wear tiny footy shorts all the time resulting in more than the occasional eye full of testicle.  They are rugby league footy shorts which are super short and normally in their team colours.  Some of the guys will go and get changed into their teams footy shorts when they are playing.

I was thinking about this over the weekend and I remembered that I have a pair of footy shorts from AussieBum which I haven’t worn in ages. They are a little small but they are nearly as revealing as a pair of speedos.  Next time the boys are over to watch footy (probably Friday night), I think I’m going to wear them with my white DE Swimwear underneath.

My Shorty ShortsMy Footy Shorts

Speedos are still hotter though don’t you think?

Footy Shorts

4 Users Responded in " Footy Shorts "

k1speedo said,  

I love guys in footy shorts almost as much as speedos but you’re right Dave, guys in speedos are hotter. I have several pairs of league shorts and wear them often and with speedos underneath.

topcat said,  

Good for you Dave. Like my shorts SHORT!!!

Dr. Phil said,  

Certainly, few things are better than speedos; but, footy shorts are hot, too. I have two AussieBum pairs–one navy blue, one white–and I loved to wear them with speedos underneath. I haven’t for a long time (they are in storage), but the next time I am there, maybe I will find them and wear them again…

electric2010 said,  

You should definitely wear those shorts on Friday! Sometimes they just look hotter!

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