Great body, not so great speedos

I love how hot this guy is but I’m not really a fan of the speedos he is wearing though. Maybe the blue ones I do like but that is about it.

I think the sides are too wide.  What do you guys think?

I’m working on a new prototype DE Swimwear and from the feedback you guys have given me, you are more interested in smaller sides on them.

He is hot though, that can’t be denied.

Real Speedo ManBlue SpeedoSpeedo ModelHunky Speedo Model

6 Users Responded in " Great body, not so great speedos "

vasy said,  

pic 3..the pool is just for more..same for pic 4..

Rick said,  

Agreed Dave….about 4 inches to wide.
Nice body tho

samspeedo said,  

Yeah, agree with above comments. Don’t mind #2 speedo pattern but they’re al a few inches TOO wide at the waist!

rbmcobra said,  

I don’t know what’s worse, seeing a hot guy in a not so hot speedo, or a not so hot guy in a hot speedo!

Spear said,  

A couple of those border on square cut suits. A bit more conservative for conservative occasions. The skimpy bikinis for other places and times. Wear what works for the moment.

Dr. Phil said,  

Actually, on myself, I prefer the somewhat wider sides, as they flatter me more than the small ones. Because I’m very tall, a Speedo Solar with 1″ sides ends up looking like string, which isn’t a good look on me.

On looking at others (especially hot guys), smaller is better; for myself, the sorts of suits above are the way to go.

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