Grey Speedo Boy (GSB)

Grey Speedo Boy has been an internet speedo sensation since before I started this blog (May 2005) maybe even before I started in March 2001.

I’ve heard lots of rumors of who this guys is and I’ve even had 2 or 3 guys email me saying that it is them but nothing confirmable at all.

The other day I saw this pic of him on another blog but someone has photoshopped his famous grey speedos for some red ones.  I’ve seen this done a few times and I was wondering if anyone on here can show me how to do it in Photoshop.

Drop me an email or leave a comment if you know how to do it.  No good deed goes unrewarded so I’m sure I offer a months membership to if anyone can help me out.

Red Speedo BoyGrey Speedo GuyGrey Speedo SwimmerGrey Speedo BoyGrey Speedo

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mibtm54 said,  

He doesn’t look old enough to have had a blog for so long.

How old is he?

Sam Speedo said,  

Age-wise, I’d guess he must be well into his late 20s by now . . . possibly about the same age as Dave?

Always found him very cute!

I think I have some pics of him (somewhere) in light blue speedos. I’m now suspecting the colour may have been photoshopped as well.

Gotta say he’d look hot in ANY colour speedo!

Dave Evans said,  


Those pics look like a college waterpolo team and those pics are from the early 2000’s so he is probably 30yo now.

I wonder if he ever found out what a speedo sensation he was online?


Geoff said,  

its the brian bent memorial aquatic centre in the usa

StephenDum said,  

Thank you for sharing, I always find out interesting things from your posts.

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