Guys Kissing (in speedos of course)

What a weekend, the Texan Brunette has just left and I need to share some thoughts that I’ve taken away from the weekend.  That is definitely the most str8 sex that I’ve had in years I think.

During one of my breaks, I asked the Texan Brunette if she had ever kissed a girl.  She said she had but nothing more.  She asked me if I had ever kissed a guy and I said I had during a threesome.  Interesting though she said that two guys making out isn’t something that turns her on.

I’ve heard this from girls before.  That girls don’t find 2 guys making out as a turn on but I don’t know of a guy who doesn’t think that 2 girls making out is a turn on.

This is like the double standard with people who expect girls to wear bikinis and skimpy clothing but don’t like it when guys wear speedos.

Why do you think this is the case?

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Martin said,  

Now you know of one guy who doesn’t find the idea or vision of any two girls (women?) making out the least bit of a turn-on (me). I expect you don’t know many gay men.

Dave Evans said,  


Obviously I was comparing str8 guys enjoying watching 2 girls making out versus str8 girls enjoying watching 2 guys making out.


speedoboi said,  

I’m not turned on by 2 women having sex. I prefer seeing sex between a man and a woman. But I have explored having fun with a guy – erotic massage and fondling and ocasionally making out.

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