Happy Aussie Day from Colorado

Happy Australia Day from Colorado guys!!!

To celebrate, Kip has some plans….

We are doing another ‘Speedo Only BBQ’ at his place tonight.  Should be fun and he has some mates from Denver coming up.

How can it not be fun, some guys (str8 and gay) hanging out in speedos…..

Aussie Flag SpeedoAussie SpeedoAussie Turbo SpeedoAussie SpeedoAussie SpeedosAussie Speedos

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

happy Australia Day! Hug a koala Bear. and wear your aussie flag speedos.

beerdoc_colorado said,  

is this the day they discovered ‘vegemite’ ?

darren said,  

Dave, the guy on the right in the second pic is awesome, great pair of low fitting speedos just covering his nice package and showing his great speedo tan.

DeepKisser said,  

Dave, Happy Australia day! So are either #3 or #4 above you and/or Kip?


Dave Evans said,  

Hey guys,

It was one hell of a party yesterday guys!!!

7pm the night after and I’m finally starting to feel slightly normal.

Going to head out for some greasy food and if I can I’ll write about what we got up to when I get home but probably more like tomorrow.

I’ll give you a hint though…. my cock and arse are sore!!!


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