Happy America Day

Happy July 4th to all my American readers and members.  It has been a tought year for you guys.

I have found over the years that some people find it ‘intellectual’ to bag on America. I particularly saw it during the Bush Jr Presidency and now with Trumpy.  I am proud to defend America as a great place and has great people.

I’ve spent a bit of time over there and in recent years over a month each year in Colorado and Americans have been wonderful to me.

Have a great day guys and everyone is the same in a speedo right?

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Anonymous said,  

Thanks, your comments are accurate!

Anonymous said,  

There’s one thing you have to admire about Americans- they love America. So patriotic! They just hate the other 50% of Americans. Such a shame they can’t overcome their differences and realise what they have in common.


Hey guys,

Thanks for your comments here (and in emails I received).

I think, and I have experienced that if you only watched news (one side or the other) you would think half of America hates the other half but on the ground, hanging out with people (of different views), it isn’t the case at all.

News should go back to being news, not entertainment.

Like I said, lets all just hang out in speedos!!!


joshbloggs61469300 said,  

Hey Dave, also just FYI love the rotating gallery on these pics – great feature, feels like I notice or take notice of something new every time.

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