Hiding my sex toys

Today I’ve got a date with Surfer Chick.  She has the entire day off and she is all mine.

It is kind of grey and cold out right now but might get sunny later.  So I’m going to pick her up, go out west a little bit to some winery that Alex’s girlfriend told me does a good lunch.

Then I think we’ll head back here and go for a surf if the weather is good or at least go for a walk along the beach and then I’ll make dinner.  What do you guys think?  Chance of getting her in the sack?

Before I go I’ve got some work to get done and I have to tidy the house up just a little bit.  Not really sure what to do with my sex drawer.  I could just keep it and if she finds it good on her or maybe she isn’t quite ready for it.

There isn’t anything too crazy in there, butt plugs, lots of lube and lots of condoms (you can buy condoms in packs of 100).  There are handcuffs and a wicked weasel bikini that I bought for a girl once but she decided she didn’t like me before I could give it to her.  Then there is my speedo drawer with probably about 40 pairs of speedos.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I’ll keep you posted though.

My Sex Toys

My collection isn’t this ‘big’.

Gay Sex Toys - Dildos

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Dr. Phil said,  

Do you expect her to be going through your drawers, though? (Ahem.)

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