His poor wife….

From all the emails I’ve been receiving, it sounds like you guys are eager to hear about what happened last night with The Landlord.

Lets just say… I have a sore bottom this morning.

When he came up last night he brought his wife!  That was a development that I hadn’t expected. Lucky I had pants on because I was thinking about opening the door just wearing my pink speedos.

She said she wanted to come up for just the first half and have a glass of wine. We joked that she really wanted to do an impromptu inspection on my unit to make sure I wasn’t having huge orgies and putting holes in the walls and doing drugs.  Of the three… orgies are the only thing I’ve ever been guilty of.

When his wife left the first thing he said was “Dave, I’ve been so horny after what we got up to last week, my poor wife hasn’t had this much sex since we first dated! I’ve been like a horny teenager. You and I might have to hook up more regularly because I’m not sure she can handle me being so horny.”

With that, I got off the couch, locked the door and removed my pants.

I’ll write more about this later today.  It isn’t even 8am here and I’m up working, and it is a Sunday!

Couple of house chores here that I’d like to tell you guys about.  I have just purged/deleted all the expired/old member account.  Some previous members have been having trouble joining again and I’ve had to delete their accounts so I just finished manually going through them and deleting them.  A two hour job.

Also, with PayPal cracking the shits and closing my account I’m trialing payments with Stripe.  They are well known, very trusted and I have used them before.

This will mean you can join with American Express, Mastercard and Discovery Card.  That is now available which will make some of you happy.  I can also accept bank transfers for those of you in the US who would like to join.  If you would like this, just let me know and I’ll set it up.  I’m not sure how many of you would like that option?

OK, let me get back to work.  Hopefully by lunch time I’ll take my laptop down to the beach and write about what happened last night. It will only be available to members so why not become a member?  It is only $5.

Here is one of my speedo selfies.  It was taken a few weeks ago wearing my little black Arena speedos (the ones I’m wearing in the ‘About Me’ picture on the top right).  This is the view that The Landlord had last night…..

Speedo Anal Sex

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