Introducing AussieBum

Yesterday was a fantastic day on the snow, blue sky, full snow cover and not too many people.  Anyone who complains about Aussie skiing is missing out!!!

The guys here are awesome as well.  Nothing too naughty just yet BUT last night I handed out AussieBum’s to all the guys for the hottub.  It was pretty great having 6 of us in the hottub all wearing AussieBum speedos.

I’m up early just checking on some stuff and today we are off to a smaller resort called Charlotte’s Pass which I’ve never been to.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Speedo Butt - NICE!!!!

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cr said,  

I can’t believe no one has made a comment yet, because that ass certainly deserves one, and a very nice comment at that!

I wish I could have been the 7th one in that hot tub, and I would have provided my own AB….but I wouldn’t have minded wearing one of Dave’s though either….

Ryan said,  

Everybody loves an Aussie’s bum. I know I do. I think Dave needs to bring his and his Speedo collection to my house. Maybe we can trade.

Dave Evans said,  

I think this is one of the best ‘arse’ photos I’ve ever seen.

I know I’ve said it before but sometimes a speedo is better than naked.


k1speedo said,  

It sure is a hot arse and I agree Dave sometimes a wearing a speedo is better than being naked. I have this pair of aussiebums and wear them often, it sure would have been great to have joined you and your mates in the hot tub wearing them too Dave.

Sam Speedo said,  

Think I agree with your comment above, Dave. The 100% nylon aussiebum’s sure help shape and define further a great arse.

I love all my aussiebums.. My favs are the gold and the pink ones! Nice and tight, great vpls – tho’ removing the inner lining can help that even further.

Yes . . . love the photo too. Very much!

electric2010 said,  

Wish I could see that arse on my local beach…
I’ve got a maroon AB that I could have worn.

Ricardo871 said,  

Hey Dave
Uh, this pic is my BF man, no kidding….

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