Jaked Speedos

Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of pics of guys wearing Jaked speedos – I’ve never seen the brand in the flesh or ever owned a pair myself.  They give the impression that they are a waterpolo9 brand kind of like Turbo.

Keen to hear any thoughts from you guys.

Jaked Speedo

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dgdjr said,  

I would say they’re more oriented toward competitive swimming than waterpolo. You sometimes see Olympic athletes wearing them.

Spear said,  

A UK brand suit. Don’t see them here. Prices are fair enough. Like 20.00 US

Dr. Phil said,  

Hadn’t heard of nor seen them until you just mentioned them, Dave.

Would love to have the guy in the photo here come and bring me some–and preferably both! 😉

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for the info guys.

Are they lycra or more of a nylon?

I’m personally a fan of the lycra but I might have to look into buying a pair.


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