Kip Speedo’ing it up

There are a lot more people floating around town here and on the beach.  For those who aren’t Aussie, our school vacations are pretty much all of December and January which sucks because town is chaotic and there are lots of people on the beach.

This year there have been some more guys wearing speedos but it is still a minority here in Australia unfortunately.  Most days I go for a walk on the beach, it is a nice way to end the day or I can walk to down to grab milk and bread, I really wish that I could just do it wearing a pair of speedos but it really isn’t appropriate.  Although, saying that, at the pool when I’m swimming laps, the majority of guys are wearing speedos or at least jammers and anyone wearing dork shorts is a little weird.

My server admin Kip sent me through some selfies that he took while on vacation down in Florida earlier this year. Pics taken at the pool of where he was staying and he said he didn’t see another speedo the whole time.

Thumbs up to Kip for speedo’ing it up in public.  I’ll be over to see him and do some snowboarding at the end of January so I hope he has his hottub, speedo collection and lots of lube ready – hehehehe.

Speedo CollectionKip's Speedo CollectionSpeedo Selfie

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Dr. Phil said,  

And now, just as we know we’ve seen some selfless of you, Dave, that we didn’t always know were such, so too do I wonder if we’ve seen some of Mr. Kip as well.

Verily, the mind (and other things) reels! 😉

darren said,  

Dave great selfies of Kip, how about some of you now, kip has some good looking speedos and what looks like a good package as well.

darren said,  

I really wanted to take another look at these pics. No draw string so easily removed. Looks like kip is a “cock up” guy, if he had a hard on it would poke out the top! You are lucky Dave to have a fuck buddy like this.

Dave Evans said,  

Hey guys,

I bought Kip his first ever Turbo speedo, an Aussie flag one to celebrate Australia in when I was in Colorado a few years back.

He really likes the fit and the material of them and you can see his collection of Turbo speedos has grown.


beerdoc_colorado said,  

I don’t think he is out on a lounge today in Breck. with 16″ of new snow. maybe the hot tub.

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