Lacoste Speedos

Does anyone know where you can buy a pair of Lacoste speedos? I had a quick look around the web without any luck.

A few years ago I owned a pair of Calvin Klein speedos.  I remember them because my first ever Grindr pickup came over and he didn’t have any speedos so I let him pick through my speedo drawer and he picked out the Calvin Klein ones.  I wonder where they are now?

Lacoste Swimwear

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

neat! prolly its french, so maybe search for ‘le speedo’..
do they also make Channel speedos?

Spear said,  

They look good but they are pricey . At $50, I’d think twice

Darren said,  

Never mind the make, that guy has some package in those speedos

Spear said,  

His package is just like a whole lot of other models that are used because of a nice fat dick

samspeedo said,  

Sadly true . . . sadly true . . . but don’t we all love it!

Awesome to see a well-build guy in a tiny pair of speedos, packing an enormous cock! Does it for me for sure . . .

Five stars to the wranglers / fluffers (and the chemicals?) who find these guys and keep ’em hard for us to enjoy again and again . . .

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